Soltazza was founded in 1992 as Thira Export Ltd. by Nik Renieris as an import/export-coffee focused operation. Intrigued by the new single serve market and the lack of offerings the Company set out to create single cup brewers.

Thira began researching the single serve (systems that brew one cup at a time) market, but was disappointed by the fact that most single serve machines required the use of proprietary espresso and coffee products. They were grouped into capsules and pods. The one open standard that did exist and that was adopted fairly widely in the nineties was the 45mm pod used by most major European coffee companies including illy and Lavazza. Determined to build a pioneering system, Nik spent the next two years performing extensive research with top manufacturers of brewing devices, coffee industry experts, and pod manufacturers (including the inventor of the pod-Cyrus Melikian). This all resulted in the development of a system capable of brewing not only espresso, but also coffee and tea out of a universal pod, based on the open E.S.E. (Easy Serving Espresso) 45mm standard developed by Cyrus Melikian. Three short years later, Soltazza was born.

Finally a coffee geared to the american consumer was offered in a single serve option. Forward ten years later and the KCup and Keurig Brewer developed by Keurig changed the acceptable format once again. This time the single serve segment grew as it never had before, mainly because the Keurig Company got it right and offered Americans what they wanted.

Soltazza has evolved as well and still offers brewing devices and packaging lines for E.S.E. pods and most capsule systems including Espresso Italia, Lavazza and Nespresso systems out of patent. In 2013 we offered Nespresso and Lavazza capsule packaging lines and in 2014 began to offer K-Cup style packaging lines both in rotary and inline machines for the out of patent original 51mm version K-Cup.  Today with the help of our parent Company (National Bio+Green Sciences llc – we are also leading the charge into supplement packaged single serve options available in multiple formats.